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Arya A. J Mar Ivanios College Trivandrum
To belong... -

To belong...
- Arya A J

Some things in this world
Out there to make us realise
Living our lives in an eternal hell
Without the slightest chance of escape
And there we have, the truthful feeling
One that can be felt only right now
The feeling of doubt,
For the one who was doubtless...
Everytime in life,
Not even once the need arose
To think, to ponder, to yonder
“Do I belong there...?”
And now, when it pops up
You may think,
But instead ... you asked, that too
To the one who have always felt,
The need to belong somewhere...
“Am I less... am I undeserving?”
If yes, then why do I exist?
If no, then why do I feel unwanted?
Not belonging anywhere...
Tears can't tell, whispers can't riddle
Life of such pain: Is never a mystery
But an open sheet in which
Words are scribbed with invisible ink
Yet one thing is to be exclaimed,
To be born in this dream, of one's

For whom its nightmare does thrive,
One idea can be assured
Its not you being unwanted,
But your belongingness being wanted.
You are there in many
Whom you think you are
Reality hence dwells as
Life embraces those thoughts
Exactly opposite as yours
‘cause expectations make things look
Just nothing than obvious.
Thrust upon your mind,
Not yourself into it...
Fall back inside, pull out
Those wheels of yours,
So high,to fly..!

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