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Azeem Thannimoodu Translated by S Rahul
Droplets /



Every sprouting droplet

Has too much to say

Not every drop

Turns into

Blood for roots.



Rays close to

Are in Love with

Some Droplet

Without dodging

Will drain off.

Another one


Far away light

Will flow

To the thirst of tuber,

Greenary of leaves

Before noon.

In new epoch

And in new forms


There are drops 

That listens to distance 

Dreaming about the river side

Breathing in the beck 

For a rainy season.

At times

Frozen in the trough

Confronting days and nights

They spend time

Cherishing clouds and stars

But you are 

A drop from

The thore of geyser

Came out by

Cutting the chord

You have to reflect

IIimitable spectacles

Incalculable pigments

And Iurid dreams.

So, you better

Stay in the eye


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