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Shahul hameed.k.t Translation by Mohanan.v.Na
. Summer


In that time, the eatery on the way side had the smell of a fried river fish. The Gulmohar tree which
was leaned in front of the eatery was filled with red flowers and the chirping sounds of the roosted
birds. When the lorry drivers are enjoying fried river fish and drinks by sitting at the round table under
the tree, the mother having seated his son on the mud floor at the eatery, took the note book from the
plastic cover and gave it to her son. She walked along the side of the road. The road, which was burning
under the sun, was vaporizing. The boy, in the light of petrol max, was stepping to the world of letters
was not listening his mother who was torching light to the heavy Lorries, passing rapidly there.
The bad smell of the dried fish stated to spread there .A lorry stopped after moving forward a little.
When a bit of light came out of the lorry, the mother walked towards the lorry and got in it by holding
the hand extended out of the lorry. When the lorry moved slowly, two bodies which had the smell of
dried fish were groping for the wetness of mother. They were entering the deepness of the mother who
stood bending forward to view at the panorama often noticed through the front glass of the lorry.
A good smell of newly prepared chicken recipe was spreading to the way side eatery. As the highly
boiled chicken curry in plates was flowing to table, the boy folded his text and started to sketch a picture
on the notebook taking from the plastic cover. A picture which had lost its leaf was drawn in his pencil
in the book. He was also drawing the picture of burning sun. Two old men who were eating porotta in
the jeep made a gesture to attract the boy and showed the chicken leg. The boy turned to his picture
showing disgust. The vehicles which had travelled through different roads were parking in rows seemed
to be full in the ground. Different languages were fused to confuse their talk in the eatery. In the
meantime of drawing, the boy heard sudden breaking off a white Swift car .Inside the car, he saw his
mother talking something to two strange men.
’I will come back in 5 minutes ’.
He heard her voice coming through the music from the car stereo.
The man was in intoxication asked her.
First we went to west, then to East, oh! , sister, actually, where do you want to go, to West
or East?

I am not certain and no problem wherever you go! I am sure, when the day breaks, we will
reach here. Please open the door, She asked.
The mother crossed the road and entered the eatery. Her hands groped inside her blouse
and took some money and gave to the eatery owner.
Please give two or three Appan with egg curry to the child, he would have felt hungry.
The boy caught hold of her sari and showed her the picture he had drawn.
Nice, but no leaves in the tree. Draw two leaves, but it should not be burned in sunlight.
Mother, I am going to color it. The boy sat on the floor with the picture. The mother again
crossed the road and entered the car.
Smell of fried quail bird opened out to the eatery. When the fried meat of quail is made
pierced through a leaned metal bar and is hung in front of the eatery, the boy is coloring the
picture. In the picture, having completed the part, signifying earth where the tree was grown by
using crayon, the boy started to give colour to the wood and leaves of the tree by means of
sketch pen .In the meantime , it started rains heavily with lightning and thunder. Rain and wind
fanned the smell of earth there .Gulmohar flowers started to fall from its stem carrying raindrops
in its heart
Inside the Innova car lingers the fragrance of perfume .In the softened seat, in the
penetrated chilliness his mother raises her head slowly from the magnetic field of the stranger.
Speed of Innova is decreasing. Driver of the car turned back and asked
“In the eatery, we will have fried Quail meat .Shall I order a half for you? No order, No meat,
I have you and I am satisfied with you enough.
He said without completing what he had said first. His hands held her close. The mother
tried to peep out through the window glass when she was being firmed under his hug. The boy
was sleeping on the earth at the eatery holding the plastic bag which contains text books ,note
books colour box .The mother was compressed under the might of the man. The Innova car
was running through rain drops.


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