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-Arya A.J
Faces in truth


Passing through the tunnel of time,
I saw , three dark faces with glittering smiles
Mysterious grins upon their faces
Crimson it was their eyes in tears...
“ Ironical vision” my mind whispered!
To which in response the three resigned in grief.
Often did I weep over one of my habits
That to be a failure in judging others
A bane for which myself is never a cause
Here among many it came abruptly
And left me in darkness, in solitude
With each breath an apology instilled in me
Searching the one whom it be shared...
Everything was crystal clear when they came
The magical arrival of three men in white
Whose names forgotten in deep memories
Surprised I was ‘cause they had no sheen
But was pearl white, more tears.
Trying to console me uttering an unknown truth
To which I am obliged and regretful
Still none will perish in the glow of light

But ‘ll fight to cherish; assurance is cent,
And combat it is, the leasr with darkness!

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