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When Memories Weep…..

Francisca* clasped Abdul  Raheem’s* hands in tears

A silence veiled the scene

She kissed his hands knowing that

It was her beloved’s, once

Who gave her a new life.

It became somebody else’s now

But she was happy that her

Beloved’s hands are still alive.


An accident resulted in the brain death of Joseph

Who was like many of us

 A common man who dreamt

About his family and his daughter.


His hands were donated to an Afghan soldier

Who had lost both his hands in an Army encounter

As part of Organ donation- It was an initiative

By Amritha Institute of medical sciences

Another significant chapter in the history of India.


It was one of those solemn occasions which

One would witness in a lifetime.

And his daughter was all in a state of unspeakable joy or grief

She took that hands to  her forehead for blessing

They finally bid farewell to the whole scene

And her mind goes like this….


“We will really miss you father

But You are not with us anymore

You reside among stars, far beyond our reach

But I know, You are watching and blessing us from Heaven



His hands were not as every ones.

He had magical hands, which turned out

To perform miracles for me.

He fed us love

In fact he was our breath and soul.

But much more for me as a daughter

Those hands that consoled me when I was troubled.


He was my strength

He inspired me to strive more for perfection

Indeed in everything

He stirred me to move on in life

In spite of what happens on our way.

Unlike mother, he had an unusual patience on me

So I loved him more than my mother.”


We all have hands, but how many of us make use of them?

We could not, in the wildest of the dreams,

Dare to think of giving our hands to someone.

Do we?

We can even transcend by sharing our organs

So let us be the change that we foresee.





*Fransisca – Joseph’s wife and Aleesha, their daughter

Abdul Raheem – An Afghan Army Captain

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