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ASHWIN.R SURESH First year MBBS student, Government Medical college, Trivandrum.

The midnight Melody wake me up

From the drowsiness of day

To see the unseen sight of day

The colourful butterflies dancing at night


The rythm of silence broke my sleep

And threw me into the magics of midnight

With lonely company of my longings

To cherish my life out from reality


The unenjoyed events of the day

Piled up at the corners of the room

Blaming for the restless pace of the day

Dripping down the unfelt feelings​of the day


The midnight breeze replied

The unlisten sounds of the day

Wetting down words of loved ones

The awaited Bliss, that just gone away


The sky changed it's tone,sorely

Upon feeling the pain of loosing forever

The unnoticed valuable moments of the day

Storming down sorely all the pain of the day

Soaking and sinking my mind

In the unreal realization of yesterday


The darkness began to fade

The butterflies became colourless

The dawn ended the drama of night

And I began to fall into rush, hopefully hoping

To achieve the invaluable pleasures​ of Today.



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