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Mini narendran
Every moment... !

As each star comes out to shine

As the wind rustles across the land

As the moonlight sweeps across the room

I'm thinking of you.


When the sun burns its morning greeting

When the birds chirp and swoop through the sky

When the leaves of the trees dance through the air

I'm thinking of you.


During the haze of late afternoon sun

During the smooth swirl and flow of the clouds across the sky

During the fade of the bustling day

I'm thinking of you.


While the twilight shadows begin to fall

While the evening air begins to chill

While the cuckoos  begin their sweet evening chorus

I'm thinking of you.


Just as the darkest hour of the night falls

Just as the world is hushed and silent

Just as dreamland beckons,

I'm thinking of you


Every day

Every hour

Every moment

I'm thinking of you through the miles

and loving you.

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