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   Mini Narendran.
Miss your Smile...!

I'm lying alone in my room 
Staring at your photographs 
This pain tells me that I'm in love 
And I can't go on without you 
I take a walk down this boulevard 
And meet all the people we know 
Darling I can't stop missing you 
No matter what I do or where I go 

I miss your smile, I miss the heaven 
That lives inside your eyes. I miss you 
From the moment I wake up 
Till I lie sleepless at night 
Oh, I miss your smile. 

I'd give everything to hold you now 
Instead of your photographs 
I'd do anything now to make you smile 
Anything to hear you laugh 
I've been holding back rivers of tears 
Hoping that you'll back here 
As long as I live and as long as I'm sane 
You'll burn in my heart like an eternal flame 

I miss your smile, I miss the times 
I've had you in my life. I miss you 
Everyday and every night with 
Every heartbeat inside 
All the time! I miss your smile.

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