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Mini Narendran
A Star with my name on it...!

Come walk with me,

for the path cares not,

the age of your feet.

Look at the butterflies on petals,

their silence does not care,

the language you speak.

Listen to the orchestra of birds,

they sing with sincerity,

care not if you follow God.

See how the trees stand so tall,

their mature branches care not,

about your wallet's wealth.


Feel tiny raindrops kiss your face,

their refreshing mercy cares not,

for the vibrant colour of your skin.


Let's bathe in calm waves,

for their ripples care not,

if you are a boy or a girl.


Relax in the glory of the sun,

it's warm rays care not,

if you are blind, deaf or mute.


Drink from cool spring waters,

for its juices care not,

who's mouth hydrates from it.


Here, hold my pen,

for the ink will never judge,

how you express your scars.


In darkness, let us lay together,

to gaze at an abundance of stars,

they care not, how you spell your name.


They shine for us all,

regardless of the moon

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