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Anamika US St.Thomas School Thiruvananthapuram

The blossoming period, 

Went along the river-beds 

As a twilight of dew drops 

When the dreams were silent… 


Copied by everlasting eternity, 

Seeking the precious tuned wands, 

Tenderness of a comfort day Why wait for another spring. 

It carved into a fresh rhythm, 

My eyelashes just tilted 

The wind blew and rubbed my cheeks- 

And embraced my feet and face... 

Staring at the milky sky, 

I became lonely, reaching heights A night stitched with diamond stars, 

Flourished my footprints along my way... 

Written fictions bounded the full moon 

With silent oceans and fumes, 

The honey drops were sweet and thin 

I kissed the flower as nature’s ring…

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